2021 HIMSS WA Scholarship Program Awardees

Jessica R. Chang, RN - Graduate Scholarship Awardee

I am a second-year student in the Master's in Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies (MS-CIPCT) program at the University of Washington (UW), gearing up to enter my final few quarters. My background is in nursing where I have spent many years working within the neurosurgical specialty, but am currently pursuing my interest in community health, working as a nurse at a local shelter serving families experiencing homelessness. As a nurse in the community setting, I am passionate about understanding how we can achieve a more seamless care system that spans the care continuum and addresses social determinants of health (SDOH) as part of a patient-centered care framework. Through knowledge and experience gained by working in clinical informatics and the public health setting, I hope to leverage and integrate the power of new applications, tools, and systems offered by technology startups or companies into our healthcare system with the aims of addressing SDOH and improving health equity. I want to know how technology can be used to tap into the vast amount of available data, help us better capture those populations affected by SDOH, and inform our healthcare system’s actions on these determinants. I am grateful for this opportunity to leverage the 2021 HIMSS WA scholarship to continue my studies within the UW MS-CIPCT program. Clinical informatics holds the potential to transform the way we care for people, and it is inspiring and motivating to see so much support for this field through HIMSS.

Karen L. Jenkins, RN - Undergraduate Scholarship Awardee

I am a registered nurse (RN), a certified nurse of the operating room (CNOR), and a full-time student starting my final year at Bellevue College in the Healthcare Informatics Bachelor of Applied Science program. My time as an undergraduate student at Bellevue College has allowed me to build upon my competencies as a healthcare provider and introduced me to the field of Nursing Informatics. The 2021 Washington HIMSS scholarship award affords me the time and the opportunity to pursue my goal of integrating Nursing Science with Informatics, where I can continue to work with a diverse group of stakeholders across the care continuum, bridging the gap between clinical and technical perspectives while maintaining focus on patient safety through the communication of data that will improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery.

Kayla Eaton - Certificate Scholarship Awardee

I am in my second to last semester of my medical coding certificate program at the Walla Walla Community College (WWCC). My time in the medical coding program has allowed me to grow in my knowledge received previously through obtaining my Massage Therapy certificate at Carrington College, Certified Nursing Assistant certificate at Columbia County Health Systems, and Associates Degree in Health Studies from Carrington College and has opened doors for more employment opportunities. I am interested in the field of medical billing and coding for the insight it provides into the unseen side of the medical field. I plan to use my newfound knowledge in everyday life, and to provide insurance billing for my massage clients. As a HIMSS Scholarship recipient, I plan to use my award to purchase school supplies and take opportunities to learn more about how technology influences the medical field.

Micro-Pathways Scholarship Awardee - TBD

Our 2021 HIMSS WA Scholarship Program plans to award this scholarship closer to the end of the year as we continue to partner with Seattle College’s Micro-Pathway in Health IT program launch later in Autumn 2021. Please stand by for more information on this scholarship opportunity.

For any questions regarding our Scholarship Program, please email our scholarship chair, Jen M. Garcia, at jenmontancesgarcia@gmail.com.