Call for Presentations - Future of Healthcare

March 29, 2018

Bellevue College – Bellevue, Washington

Thank you for your interest in participating in our annual Future of Healthcare in Washington Conference. 

In order to be considered as a presenter for the conference, submit this application no later than January 12, 2018 presenters will be notified by the speaker selection committee no later than February 2, 2018

The Future of Healthcare in Washington Board is very excited to present quality educational sessions to our attendees. Our speaker selection committee continually strives to present quality educational sessions to our conference attendees, and we invite speakers that can both inspire and inform on topics concerning the dynamic industries of health care and information technology. A recent survey of our members identified the following topics of interest:

Topics and selection criteria

The Conference will offer attendees educational and informative sessions and dialogue focused in on the following health IT topics:

  • Population Health – Medicare / Medicaid
  • Patient Driven Healthcare – Patient engagement / Patient  Empowerment
  • 2018-2019 Washington State Healthcare Policies
  • Digital Health / Patient expectations
  • Mental Health / improvements in diagnosis, communication, and social issues associated
  • Social health determinants

Educational objectives & obligations

Presentation proposals should:

  • Provide clearly stated and measurable learning objectives. The number of objectives will be appropriate for
    the type and length of the CE activity.
  • Provide qualified personnel who meet HIMSS’s faculty and personnel requirements.
  • Ensure that content and instructional methods are appropriate for the learning outcomes.
  • For attendees who have a CPHIMS credential, WSHIMA, HFMA or provide these attendees with quality programs which satisfy HIMSS continuing education hours.

Presenter requirements

Presenters are expected to:

  • Be competent in the subject matter;
  • Present materials based on current information;
  • Be knowledgeable and skilled in instructional methods appropriate for adults; and
  • Utilize instructional methods appropriate to meet educational objectives and learning outcomes.

Selection Process

The Future of Healthcare in Washington committee, which is made up of healthcare professionals from HIMSSWA,
WA Center of Excellence – Allied Health, WSHIMA, WA-AK HFMA & WSHEF.

Selection criteria include:

  • Timeliness of topic -relevancy and currency of information.
  • Presenter qualifications and reference listing (must submit a one-paragraph biography).
  • Practical application of materials.
  • References from past speaking engagements.

Presenters will receive a complementary attendee registration for participating at the conference.

Applicant presenter information

Name / Credentials




Current employer






LinkedIn or Twitter URL


AV Requirements

Microphone or lapel, laptop, and projector are provided

If there are additional presenters please copy the above and add their information

As part of this application, please provide the following information for the speaker selection committee:

Title of presentation


Description of presentation, including topics that will be covered


Presenters’ qualification including brief biography

Please provide a 75-word introduction of yourself for the moderator to use when introducing you as speaker. Please write in 3rd person, present tense.

Key learning objectives of the presentation


 When finished, please send this application and any supplementary materials to