December 2020 Newsletter - Virtual Summit Review

By Dwayne Neufeld, President-Elect & Programs Chair

If you were one of the 23 volunteers that participated as a speaker, panelist or moderator I want to thank you for making the 2020 Virtual Summit a success! Our local speakers and panelists came from six of the largest provider organizations in the state including Confluence Health, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, PeaceHealth, Providence, Seattle Children’s and Swedish. In addition to great local participation, we had two nationally recognized speakers talking on Healthcare IT Policy with Paul Keckley of The Keckley Report and Tom Leary, Sr VP of Government Relations for HIMSS. Six sessions over two weeks with 350 registered attendees - and all this great content was provided free of charge!

With our presentations now on YouTube, I encourage you to share these sessions with colleagues! Here is a quick breakdown of what was discussed:

Session #1 - IT Leadership: Adventures in IT Project Portfolio Management

Staci Currer, PeaceHealth, presented lessons learned in the area of IT Project Portfolio Management. Staci described the evolution of the processes developed at PeaceHealth IT to improve the overall perception of IT’s role in the business by managing demand, expectations and completion time frames on projects. Scott Waters, CIO, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, joined in the panel discussion to add additional perspective.

Session #2 - Healthcare IT Policy: The Future of US Healthcare: What to Watch, What it Means For HIT Professionals     

Paul H. Keckley, Principal, The Keckley Report, dissected the current environment in US Healthcare providing timely advice to the CIO and IT Professional. Breaking down the Health System Impact Zones into five categories, Paul provided the tools to understand the challenges of today and where the future opportunities may come from.

Session #3 - Managing Remote Teams: Lessons Learned Pre and Post COVID

Robert Pageler, CIO, Confluence Health, and Scott Waters, CIO, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, revealed the steps and processes their respective organizations followed this past year dealing with the COVID outbreak. IT leaders from PeaceHealth, Providence and Seattle Children’s joined the panel to answer questions and discuss the impact of COVID within IT organizations.

Session #4 - IT Leadership: Physician Builder

Dr. Jeffrey Clarke, CMIO, Confluence Health, presented the dynamics of the Physician Builder model and how this role is important to bringing technology change to Healthcare. Physician/IT Leaders from Seattle Children’s and Swedish joined the panel to discuss the different perspectives and answer questions on the Physician Builder program.

Session #5 - Healthcare IT Policy: Healthcare IT Public Policy Update: HIMSS Gov’t Relations

Tom Leary, Sr VP of Government Relations for HIMSS, provided a conversation of what to expect for the remainder of 2020 and into the near future in Healthcare IT Public Policy.

Session #6 - Remote Workers: Repercussions Post COVID

Ellen Wiegand, VP/CIO, Virginia Mason Medical Center, presented Virginia Mason’s process improvement model for Supporting Remote Workers including leaders during COVID. Repercussions Post COVID, including Disparities in Remote Work and Mental Health Concerns for Remote Workers, were also discussed. IT Leaders from PeaceHealth and Overlake Hospital Medical Center joined in the discussion of how organizations are pivoting to support the new workforce model.