Informatics: A Bridge To The Future

September 25, 4:00pm, PDT - 6:30pm, PDT

Cambia Grove

1800 9th Ave, Suite 250

Seattle, WA


About The Event

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We live in a technology-filled world…it is all around us. Healthcare technology is rapidly growing. The WA HIMSS Clinical informatics committee is hosting a networking, social event (food & drinks) to celebrate health information week. Our committee represents a diverse group of professionals - clinicians, IT, health information management, students, and others within the clinical informatics industry, bridging the gap between healthcare and technology. This event will feature speakers discussing their roles in bridging the gap and their journeys in their careers. Are you a clinician wanting to know about health informatics? Learn more at our event!


Attending the event will fulfill one continuing education credit.


Event Speakers



Janet Lawless

CEO and Founder of Center for Threat Intelligence

Janet Lawless is the CEO and Founder of Center for Threat Intelligence. Collaborating with threat intelligence experts, Janet realized the need for threat intelligence training and consulting for corporations and government organizations. Janet’s former roles in leadership positions at CI Security, Cisco and Microsoft brings a wealth of knowledge in security services and the need for threat intelligence



Kelly Reasco-Summers

Chief Nursing Informatics Officers (CNIO) for UW Medicine IT Services

Kelly Summers is CNIO for UW Medicine IT Services and has over 30 years of combined, in-depth leadership and operational experience in healthcare IT, specifically clinical application systems and informatics; as well as healthcare operations and administration. She describes herself as a nurse, first and foremost, and has focused her career on how to best use technology to provide the best patient outcomes.


Andrew Bussman, MSW LICSW

Clinical Informatics Educator at the UW Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

Andrew Bussman is a Clinical Informatics Educator at the UW Northwest Hospital & Medical Center. Andrew earned a Master of Science in Social Work at Columbia University, and had been working as a Licensed Social Work Counselor at Northwest Hospital before transitioning to his current role in Clinical Informatics. Andrew's passion is identifying innovative technical solutions to improve processes and workflows, as well as promote patient care.


Yooli Hardy

Director of Digital Health Innovation at Seattle Childrens

Yooli is responsible for leading the tele-health, digital patient experience, and remote monitoring programs at Seattle Childrens to enable the positive transformation of our healthcare delivery models to meet the Vision of the organization. 



Members: Provider Organizations - $10.00

Members: Vendor Organizations - $20.00

Non-Members - $25.00

Students: - $10.00




*Registration includes one drink ticket (wine, beernon-alcoholic beverages) and heavy hors d’ oeuvres.  At the door, registration is limited, so please register online.