Connections: Networking Event

July 18, 5:00pm, PDT - 7:00pm, PDT

Structure Cellars

3861 1st Ave S,

Seattle, WA 98134


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This month we welcome Dennis Worrell from WA State Health Care Authority. Dennis will be speaking about the Link4Health Clinical Data Repository (CDR). The CDR is a direct response by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) to the interoperability challenges identified by the community in a recent RFI solicitation and feedback to the meaningful use program. The CDR connects disparate EHR platforms and aggregates clinical information in one easily accessible location. Practitioners who take care of Apple Health Managed Care enrollees can import data from the CDR into their EHR and then view it using their standard workflow. By providing access to clinical information from outside the enterprise, the CDR helps the care team gain a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical history. This enables clinicians to achieve better results for their patients and improve overall community health.

CDR Key Features

  • Leverages standards (C-CDA) for sharing clinical summaries already incorporated into certified EHRs
  • Submitting standardized clinical summary documents to the CDR meets the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirement for exchanging care summaries with organizations with different EHR systems
  • Supports clinical data exchange with organizations that do not share similar platforms
  • Supports access to integrated patient record without an EHR through a clinical portal
  • Offers a common place to share information for those participating in different arrangements such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) or Managed Care Organizations (MCO)
  • Minimizes requests for faxed copies of charts to meet administrative needs of the sponsor



On hand will be our 2018-2019 Scholarship winners. Please join us in congratulating their academic accomplishments.


Event Cost

Members: Provider Organizations - $5.00

Members: Vendor Organizations - $20.00

Non-Members - $25.00