The Stepping Stones to Clinical Informatics: A Three-Part Series - Certifications and Resources (3 of 3)

November 19, 5:00pm, PST - 6:30pm, PST

Conducted Virtually via Zoom



The Stepping Stones to Clinical Informatics: A Three-Part Series

This series is a continuation of “Bridge to Informatics” from 2019 and will include presentations and panels related to clinical informatics education, job roles, and certifications. The series will also include networking opportunities while adding educational topics such as workflow, telehealth, digital health, clinical decision support. This series is open to anyone, including clinicians, who are interested in informatics, telehealth, digital health.

Part 1: Informatics Programs
Objective: To learn and inform attendees of various clinical informatics programs. Also discussed is how to differentiate between clinical informatics and nursing informatics programs and degrees.

Part 2: Clinical Informatics 101: Understanding Specialty Areas at Various Organizations

Objective: To learn and inform about the various job roles within hospitals, health organizations within the clinical informatics world. Topics will include “day in the life” or our panelist of clinicians, workflow charts (tying in clinical informatics job roles) from different organizations.

Part 3: Clinical Informatics Certifications and Resources

Objective: To provide certification opportunities and education to those who are interested (ANCC, CPHIMS, CAHIMS)

Michelle Gross, Senior Director of Certification, HIMSS will be presenting on the value of certifications to enhance and promote Clinical Informatics careers.